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Digital terrestrial and cable television broadcasts were started in Finland in 2001. Analogue switch off was completed in Finnish terrestrial networks in September 2007 and in Finnish Cable networks in March 2008. No analogue broadcasts are available in either cable or terrestrial.

First HD broadcasts began in Cable networks in late 2008 and HD services were introduced to terrestrial networks simultaneously with DVB-T2 in November 2010. Cable and terrestrial operators offer both free-to-air and pay-tv services in both standard and high definition.

In Finland approximately 46 % of households receive TV programs via cable network, 42 % uses terrestrial network and 11 % IPTV network (Source: Traficom 2018).

Watching HD channels in Finland

In order to watch HD channels in Finnish television, you need to have the right kind of set top box or/and television. Choose your television device depending on whether you watch television via antenna or cable television network.

You'll recognize the tested equipment with the following signs:

The Cable Ready HD tested equipment suitable for cable television networks can be found here.

The Antenna Ready HD tested equipment suitable for antenna television networks can be found here.

Test laboratories in Finland

Labwise Oy
Viinikankatu 1 C
33100 Tampere, Finland
+358 3 214 0010

Sofia Digital Oy
Sumeliuksenkatu 18 A
33100 Tampere, Finland
+358 10 850 55 50

The Finnish Unified Specifications

4.1 release | In force for IRDs launched after 15th March 2018

Old specifications